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Safety Barrier

Armco Crash Barrier at Industrial site

Acoustic Barrier

Absorptive Acoustic Barrier at Distribution Centre

Bike Rack

Two Tier Bike Rack at Residential Development

Service Protection

Service Protection of Vertical Drainage Pipes

Wall and Floor Protection

Wall and Floor Protection in Warehouse

Fall Protection

Roof Top Guard Rail On Office Complex


Protectcare is a progressive, innovative and dynamic venture, born from years of experience in bringing state-of- the-art products and services to the construction industry. We supply and fit the latest damage prevention products such as:

  • Safety Barrier

  • Acoustic Barrier

  • Bike Rack Storage

  • Service Protection

  • Wall and Floor Protection

  • Fall Protection

Our vision is to leverage our knowledge and build on our experience to create a comprehensive and competitive business, also ensuring that this business goes not just one, but many steps further to provide and share, service, knowledge, and training to our partners, suppliers and contractors alike.

PROTECTCARE is an enhanced service which will include the provision of expertise and full technical assistance that will enable contractors and clients the opportunity to get competitive products which are supplied and fitted to the highest standards.

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