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Safety Barrier

Armco Crash Barrier at Industrial site

Acoustic Barrier

Absorptive Acoustic Barrier at Distribution Centre

Bike Rack

Two Tier Bike Rack at Residential Development

Service Protection

Service Protection of Vertical Drainage Pipes

Wall and Floor Protection

Wall and Floor Protection in Warehouse

Fall Protection

Roof Top Guard Rail On Office Complex


About Protectcare

PROTECTCARE is an extension of MOTORWAYCARE LTD a highly experienced and established provider of Motorway Safety Barriers, Parapets and Acoustic Barriers. Protectcare grew from a need for a more unique service supplying protection products off road and these products can either be required within the construction field or in fact within any building either industrial and commercial.

This exciting venture specialising in bespoke and large scale contracting services provides the highest quality products to all projects whether that be providing, carpark safety barriers (Armco Barriers) to car parks or noise barriers to roadway or large industrial sites. We also provide bike storage and bespoke protection to commercial, residential and industrial developments.

We cover a large scale of products all listed on this website, we pride ourselves on being able to guide a client or customer from the beginning to the end of our process taking every opportunity to deliver a service level that you can rely on and we are proud of.