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Noise protection systems made out of aluminium are extremely effective for the designing of constructional noise protection systems along roads, railway lines, airports or any other noise sources.

As aluminium is a relatively light material, this low weight is especially adaptable for use on bridges, or for sound–absorbing coverage of reflecting surfaces.
At Protectcare we offer Aluminium Noise Barriers that are single sided reflective or double sided highly absorbing designs, depending on individual requirements. The single panel made of sea-water resistant aluminium offers a high degree of corrosion resistance and consequently a long service life even without surface coating.

Aluminium panels can be designed for horizontal, vertical and also other assembly forms, depending on the specific needs. The connection of the panel forming single parts is achieved by means of a simple connection system without using rivets, clamps or screws. This tongue-and-groove system at all joints allows for an excellent soundproof design along with a neat seamless assembly. On the perforated side, sound insulating mats protect against the effects of weather and dust.

Technical Details for all systems are listed below:
A7-e – Single Sided Absorptive
A3-e – Single Sided Highly Absorptive
A3-R – Single Sided Reflective
A7-b – Double sided Highly Absorptive
A3-b – Double sided Highly Absorptive