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Next to air pollution, noise is one of the most serious environmental burdens. In addition to commercial and industrial noise, it is mainly traffic noise that particularly strains people living in cities, as well as near motorways and rail lines. Quality of life is significantly restricted and noise has been proven to be detrimental to health.

Green Wall Noise Barriers have a double edged positive environmental impact on noise abatement, not only do they act as an absorbent noise barrier but also as aesthetically pleasing natural living plantation. The ability of plant matter to disperse sound is well documented, it can also dissipate car headlights at night, screens the road/motorway from residential areas.

Green wall provides a pleasant non-disruptive view from all noise sources. A two sided planting not only integrates well with its surroundings, it also has an absorption effect on top and supports the retention of dust and pollutants.

At protectcare we can provide varied types of green wall noise barrier designs. The most common and effective are modular panel’s cladded with steel mesh in orders to adequately support plant life. At maturity (which can be as short as 2-3 months) these modular structures are now camouflaged into any rural/urban setting.