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Noise is as manifold and variable as the machines and equipment producing it.

Depending on the initial situation, the solutions for a highly effective and reasonable Industrial Noise Protection measurement may be a variable as well.



  • Industry-sector-specific requirements are;
  • Process Technology
  • Flow of material
  • Impact sound isolation
  • Ventilation
  • Accessibility for maintenance purposes, removable.
  • High visibility on construction components

All these as well as an attractive design are main criteria for concept and accomplishment. The main fields of application of our noise protection technique are metal forming, machining centres, machine construction, coating units, ventilation technique, test stands, energy systems, packaging industry, printing industry. Our sound absorbing standard cassettes with external leaf without drumming noise are offered in various versions and wall widths adapted to the individual task and special customer request.

Standard wall thickness:

  • 60mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm

Noise Insulation: Guide value from 36dB to 52dB, measurements according to ES ISO 140 and 717.