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The use of recycled materials such as plastic in the manufacture of noise barriers has now become a popular material in all noise barrier applications. The use of recycled plastics takes advantage of multi-layering to increase stiffness and sound effectiveness in Recycled Plastic Noise Barriers.

Laboratory testing of these Recycled Plastic Noise Barriers demonstrate that acoustically, the transmission loss of this proposed design is as effective as traditional designs. Furthermore, finite element analysis as well as models developed specifically for recycled plastics indicate that, structurally, the proposed design can increase spans between posts resulting in a design that is potentially more economical than current designs.

The addition of alternative materials such as wood chip with recycled plastics can enhance the textured finish on all such recycled products.

At protectcare we can offer a broad range of recycled plastic noise barriers, their light weight add to ease of installation and can reduce foundation anchorage costs.