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The primary goal of noise mitigation on national road schemes is to ensure that specified products are capable of doing the job they were designed for.

The Contractors designer must initially specify a barrier to achieve the noise design commitments outlined in the Environmental Impact Study. At protectcare we can provide varied types of timber absorbent noise barriers.

Noise is absorbed by the barrier through incorporating a high density mineral/fibre mattress into the barrier which is protected by a suitable breathing cover. The design should allow for adequate drainage to prevent water saturation and subsequent damage to the mineral wool.

Through laboratory testing a performance coefficient rating can be assigned to the barrier, ratings range from A0 to A4, where A4 has a high coefficient. On our national roads where absorptive barriers are used, they must have a minimum absorption index of A3 in accordance with I.S. EN 1793: Part 1, all barriers must have a minimum insulation performance of B3 in accordance with I.S. EN 1793: Part 2.