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To explain about crash barriers, one must first realise that the name Armco is the generic name for a steel safety barrier, the purpose of this type of barrier is to protect persons, assets and valuable property against damage and in fact injury from a moving vehicle.

ProtectCare supplies and installs Armco crash barriers which can be used as a single or a double height barrier, with posts either bolted down or cast in to the ground. These posts can also be adapted to carry an integral handrail for effective pedestrian protection. We also supply various ends to the installed barrier and our fully trained crews have all the required training as per the British and European Standards.

All our Armco barrier products are manufactured to meet BS6399, BS6180:1999 and are galvanised to EN ISO1461.

We have four difference standards of barriers as follows:

Rigid Steel Barriers

For light impacts the inherent strength of a steel barrier, rigidly mounted can be sufficient to withstand the impact without suffering damage to the property or item behind the barrier.

Semi-Flexible Spring Steel Barrier

A semi-flexible mounting system, such as the Flexi-Post can absorb more energy from the impact by deflecting up to 120mm thus protecting the vehicle from excess damage and the items behind the barrier.

Flexible Post Barrier

Where even larger impacts are possible then this Steel Buffer system should be used. The mounting posts, as the name suggests, are made from a grade of spring steel that has enormous flexible qualities. A Spring Steel Buffer system can typically deflect between 350mm and 400mm.

Heavy Duty Steel Barrier

This heavy duty barrier can absorb heavy loads such as lorries and large forklifts and the deflection can be as low as 50mm.